Rose Gold Oil

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Rose Gold Oil is an essential oil to rejuvenate your skin. This oil is an essential beauty oil that can use for multi purposes, basically a beauty oil, that consists of a rich luxurious blend of 5 essential oils that will effectively enhance your beauty. Enriched with pure gold flakes that are 24k, vitamin E and it is 100% organic.



Rose Gold Oil

Rose Gold Oil specially meant to enhance your beauty is also a lightweight moisturizer that is truly effective, accompanied by benefits for anti-ageing largely suitable for all skin types. The Rose Gold Face Oil regulates and helps at large to brighten the complexion along with reducing the fine lines that appear as one age, pigmentation along with the scars that help in keeping your skin hydrated and healthy round the clock. The presence of the 24k Gold flakes absorbs naturally into your skin, making it youthful, supple and radiant.

Advantages of using the 24k Rose Gold Oil for Makeup

  1. The oil is infused with vitamins and fatty acids. It is essential and helps in increasing the luminosity of your skin leaving it naturally plump and radiant.
  2. It has got the potential blend of antioxidants rendering it to become the best night serum as the oil works equally when you sleep.
  3. There is no requirement of having two different creams.
  4. It works on the skin like magic, delivering hydration that will last for ling.
  5. It also helps in soothing the damaged skin from sun rays, restores the elasticity of the skin, the texture improving the overall complexion.
  6. Our Rose Gold Elixir is sufficient for your skin nourishment.


Gold Flakes: This ingredient slows down the depletion of the collagen, as a result increasing the elasticity of the skin.

Improving the circulation of blood and preventing premature ageing. The oil is known to eradicate the dark spots along with hydrating the dry and itchy skin.

Safflower Seed Oil: This oil consists of linoleic acid and omega 6 that helps in regeneration of skin, protection towards dry and rough skin, thus making the skin soft and supple.

Pumpkin Seed Oil: This oil is rich in fatty acids, omega 3, zinc and antioxidants nourish and increases the elasticity of the skin by proving long time moisturisation to the skin.

Vitamin E: It provides a robust boosting to the production of collagen, hence preventing the wrinkles to form through blocking the radical damage. It helps in lightening scars and brown spots.

Orange Peel Oil: Being rich in Vitamin C, it is a blessing to the oily skin as it improves the blood flow to the skin and also further helps in clearing out the pores that are clogged. Vitamin C further brightens the tone of the skin.

How to use the Best Rose Gold Elixir

  1. Beauty Essentials Oil provides an effective lightweight moisturiser that hydrates the skin along with added anti ageing benefits.
  2. It is used as a primer and can mix to your make up for that glowing skin.
  3. Add some oil to your lips, before applying lipstick so that it is effective in keeping your lips drying out.
  4. But make sure that the drops absorb in your lips before applying your lipstick.
  5. When your favorite cream products dry out, add a few drops without throwing your favourite concealer away.

Once your order will confirm, the product will deliver within 5-6 days working days.

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15ml, 30ml


24k Gold, Safflower seed oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Lemon grass oil, Orange peel oil, Vitamin E

5 reviews for Rose Gold Oil

  1. Damini Khanna

    I have used this product found awesome. Strongly recommend!

  2. Neha Rana

    Best oil which i use . It help me to take care of my skin. Must Try!

  3. shivani choudhary

    I find the best result by this product. And now i buy this again.

  4. Amber Khan

    Nice product. I see the positive results on my skin.

  5. yogesh

    Best product for skin

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